Salaries 2021-2022 – Champagne Basket : prospect Neal Sako shows his potential

In Châlons-en-Champagne and Reims, the low resources of Champagne Basket only allow it to aim for staying in Betclic Elite. And to make bets, including at least one very successful with Neal Sako.

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The former Châlons-Reims, which became Champagne Basket in September 2020, did not take the opportunity to increase its budget in the off-season, on the contrary. Its budget fell, between 2020-2021 and 2021-2022, from 4.25 million euros to 4.04 million and the payroll suffered a similar decline, of 1.16 million (a figure which was already in sharp drop on the previous season, from 1.41 million) to 1.30 million declared in the pre-season (17th in Betclic Elite). It would therefore be rather an increase, but the club’s real payroll would be 1.06 million, according to our information. That is, in two years, a reduction of nearly 350k euros.

Gani Lawal as top salary

As a result, the club cannot pay outrageous salaries. And so he has to make bets, both at the level of foreign and local players. In the first category, the American-Nigerian pivot Gani Lawal is an exception since he was already at the club last season, rendering proud services (14.0 evaluation over the season). This explains why he is the highest salary in the team and the only one to exceed 100k euros over the year – a justified salary even if his evaluation drops a little (13.8 out of 20 matches).

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