Salaries 2021-2022 – Fos : good deals Lasan Kromah, Allan Dokossi and Bodian Massa, results in line with the means

Just promoted, Fos Provence arrives in Betclic Elite with increasing but still modest means. However, the bet of continuity (7 players retained) is rather satisfactory, even if the club is struggling to maintain. And it reveals some beautiful gems.

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Newcomer to the first division, Fos Provence has logically increased its resources : from a budget of 2.57 million and a payroll of 750k euros last season in Pro B, its have risen to respectively 2.93 million and 1.62 million declared euros (1.23 million euros used, excluding fringe benefits according to our figures). A substantial progression, but which just allows the Byers to be among the most modestly endowed clubs in Betclic Élite : the Provençal club has the smallest budget in the division, and the 13th declared payroll (the 16th according to our figures).

With these small means, Fos Provence logically only aims for maintenance. It must be said that the Provençal team did not splurge in terms of recruitment. Seven players present last season have returned, most of them with an increase in their salaries, but in very reasonable proportions.

Contained rise in wages

Thus, Nik Caner-Medley and Jean-Michel Mipoka receive exactly the same salary as last season, while Jamar Diggs earns 10k euros more over the season, as does Édouard Choquet. For his part, Kevin McClain saw his salary increase by 22k euros, which is logical given his contribution last season (an

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