Huertas and Pnini excited for the BCL Final Four

Louis de Kergorlay

Hapoel and Tenerife held a common press conference, veterans Marcelino Huertas and Guy Pnini were eager for the game to come.

Before the semi-final game on May 6, 6 P.M CET. Guy Pnini reflected on the journey started multiple seasons ago as he was a nice addition as a veteran player (4.7 points, 2.2 rebounds, 2.6 assists).

“It’s a very exciting moment for us to be here. We started our BCL journey five years ago and in the first three years it was tough for us. The club and the organization learned and adjusted. Last year, when we made it to the Top 8, it was a big achievement for us and I’m happy that we made the next step.”

A few words echoed by his coach Guy Goodes willing to make history,

We fought, believed, and finished in the first place, we’re the first Israeli club to reach the Final Four. It’s a big thing for us and tomorrow a thousand fans will come to cheer for the team. This is Hapoel Holon atmosphere and history, and we will try to take the next step.”

Huertas (10 points, 1.4 rebounds, 6.8 assists) told everyone that age didn’t matter at this stage of the competition. He’s as ready as ever like when he hit his game-winning shot against Tofas.

“It’s what drives us. Being here and having the opportunity to each this far and play in such a competition like this Final Four. There’s nothing more exciting than making it here and feeling a little bit of anxiety before the game, being ready, and feeling pumped for another big challenge. I’m pretty sure if we didn’t feel it at this stage of our career, we wouldn’t be here anymore. New opportunities and no matter how old we are, we are still hungry and it shows. We are still here for a reason and hopefully, we can stay here much longer.”

The local man, Coach Txus Vidorreta is also excited to play in his hometown Bilbao

“It’s something we can do. Sometimes we play well, sometimes not so well. We have to be able to win at least in the end. But we are happy that we’re here. It’s our fifth time in six years and now all we have to think about is our opponent. They are here and they deserved it. They beat Strasbourg, they were in the first position in the Top 16. It’s not the moment to look in the past. We have to move on and think about the next game,

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