Shane Larkin on his way back to the NBA ?

Jeremy Philippe

The top free-agent is closely monitored by the Washington Wizards. Shane Larkin already played in the NBA previously in his career.

Shane Larkin landed in Turkey in 2018, since then, he has worn the Anadolu Efes jersey and has made the Euroleague back-to-back this season. Back in 2020, Shane Larkin repeated that he was not going back to the NBA to stay on the bench.

“I will not go back to the NBA as a third point guard. So, if any team asks about that, we’re not even gonna answer the phone.”

Shane Larkin on FanSided

The last couple of seasons, the guard put up very impressive performances. In 2019, he scored 49 points against Bayern in Euroleague, while shooting 10/12 from downtown, and 15/19 overall. He might be one of, if not the biggest, free agents this season. In his Euroleague career, he is averaging 15.1 points, 2.6 rebounds and 4.5 assists while shooting 41.3 % behind the arc. He really is a threat from outside, especially when he catches fire, he can become a nightmare for the rivals’ defense.

Anadolu Efes will have significant work to do to bring back one the of best Euroleague backcourt for the upcoming season. Vasilije Micic already opened the door to a departure in the NBA, if the option comes out.

Photo: Shane Larkin (Euroleague)

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