Kyle O’Quinn left, Paris Basketball’s coach sees « a relieved group »

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While Paris Basketball finally goes to victory over Bourg, coach Jean-Christophe Prat mentioned an element that did good to a whole group : the departure of Kyle O’Quinn.

Did Paris Basketball released with Kyle O’Quinn’s departure? This is what coach Jean-Christophe Prat said in a post-match press conference, in remarks reported by Paris Basketball On Air. He claimed that there was a problem between the different parties and that the separation took a weight off everyone.

« Definitely, the group is relieved, we’re not going to make a big deal out of it. We’re not going to hide it, we had a problem and when there is a problem, the responsibilities are shared. It’s not 100% him, nor 100% the club. There are things we didn’t do well, others we did, and vice versa for him. The most important thing is really to focus on those who are there and learn from what happened. It happens in all clubs, we will just have to learn from it but it is not the right time at the moment. »

Could this movement allow young hopefuls to gain a few minutes with the professional roster? Jean-Christophe Prat does not forbid himself anything, especially with regard to training, an essential part of the sports project of Paris Basketball. But he keeps in mind that it is better to start by establishing the club’s young people, like Mohammed Diawara, who participated in the victory against Bourg-en-Bresse.

« We have a scouting department. Last weekend, we went to see some 2008 and 2009 in Poissy. We found rare pearls, which are already very big and very good. So yes, we are already making progress on that. We always try to be one step ahead, but first we will take care of ourselves and try to move forward with our players. We have Juhann (Begarin) and Ismaël (Kamagate) who will surely leave us at the end of the year, we have Milan (Barbitch) who is still there. Before going to recruit outside, we will already take care of our own, it is our priority. If I put Mo on the field it’s because he deserves it. I can allow myself to play them when we have a little margin, because we are still in the fight for the maintenance for the moment, but afterwards if it goes well we will put them on more and more. If we secure ourselves quickly enough and we can’t play on them, we won’t hesitate to put them on the ground. »

Photo : Kyle O’Quinn (Thomas Savoja)

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