Top / Flop of the locally trained players : The extraordinary profitability of Nadir Hifi

Two players crush the top 20 of profitability, all nationalities included. Certainly, the fact that they are both low paid makes things easier for Nadir Hifi and Enzo Shahrvin. But who could have expected at the beginning of the season that the former would be Portel’s second-highest rated and sixth-highest locally-trained player in the league (14.2) in his second season in the elite and at only 20 years old? And that the first professional season of Enzo Shahrvin, 19 years old, who until then had only shone in Espoirs before the beginning of the exercise, is so productive (8.1 rating in 12 minutes)? Yet, they are the two best deals in the league.

And their following in the ranking, Mbaye Ndiaye, Hugo Benitez or Allan Dokossi are also to be classified in the category of young players confirming all the good that we could think of them. Overall, there are very few confirmed players in this ranking, simply because they often have a higher salary, which “hinders” their profitability. But a Thomas Cornely, with a small salary, proves that he has well crossed the step between the Pro B and the elite…

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