Salaries 2021-2022 – Dijon : David Holston, 36 years old, and still a superstar

In Dijon, the results in recent years are much higher than the players emoluments. American point guard David Holston, of course, has the biggest salary, but also the best rating.

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David Holston is the soul of the JDA, and it’s no surprise that he has the best salary in the team, following his contract which gave him a slight raise in three years. This is his 7th season in Burgundy, in two stages, following a short stay in Turkey, a rare loyalty for an American.

For now, his points average (16.9) is the best during his French career, and his rating (17.9) is only surpassed by the one of three years ago. Not only does he make others play (6.7 assists), but his acceleration is just phenomenal. Who notices that he is only 1.67m (5’6”) tall and that he has celebrate his 36th birthday past January ? Age has no hold on him, but for how long ? Is it a risk to extend his contract once again ? The JDA took it, since it added two more years to it last May.

A good salary for Nenad Markovic

The JDA was relieved of two – relative – large contracts: Axel Julien, who earned 140k euros last season, Alexandre Chassang who was at 120k euros, without forgetting Rasheed Sulaimon, who was at 100k euros here two years ago, and whose contract, as we have seen, has been significantly upgraded in Bourg. The fourth character spent in Ain is the coach, Laurent Legname. He earns 60k euros more at JL Bourg (160k eu

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